Daughter - Loudon Wainwright III
I thought that this day would be like all the others I wake up get dressed, walk to school, a game of
around the world in math but no. When I got home everything seemed different, the smell, the way things looked. It almost felt as if this were not my home, not my living room. She told us to sit down, that she had something to tell us that
“there is good and bad news.”
I didn’t know what to think neither did my brother we both had a puzzled look on our faces. The look on my brothers face had mixed emotions one said everything was okay the other had the look of-
“Wait you went to the doctor?”
all in all, a look of uncertainty. The room was dim; we walked to the kitchen table calmly, every step we took seemed like an hour. Her Face was
serene, her voice seemed horse then after what seemed like years she asked us
“good or bad news first?”
and we said in unison “good.”
She said she was pregnant, she had not given us the talk yet so when my brother asked where do babies come from she explained it like this
“ Well let’s put it like this I took two different types of medicine and when they mix you have a baby.”
And yes, we believed her after all we were only 6 and 7. After that question her face went to a frown, we knew the bad news was next. We both knew it had to come at some point. From that moment on everything would be different, the air I breathe, the steps I take, the way I think- everything.
She looked afraid, not for her but for us.
She took a deep breath closed her eyes and very hesitantly said
“I have cancer.”